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    Cannot download INDesign


      I am attempting to download the 30-day free trial of InDesign. I select the "download" option, windows prompts "Do you want to permit..." and I select yes. The download begins. A few minutes later the message: InDesign cannot download" appears. I am attempting to load the program onto a Windows 7 system. The hard drive has 2tb of memory with almost 1.5 TB remaining space. The system has 16GB of RAM. I already have a registered copy of Photoshop CS5 installed, could this be a cause? Please, someone tell me how to resolve this so that I may give this software a trail. Thanks!

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          Earlier versions are not a factor.


          Try downloading the Desktop Application first, then use that to download the programs.

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            Carney52 Level 1

            Hi Peter - okay, I admit it: I'm an idiot about this stuff! I don't know what you are telling me to do. Are you saying to download Creative Suite? But when I go to the download page, the only things I see are components of the larger program. (Photoshop, Dreamweaver, etc.) I'm sorry to sound so stupid, but what am I suppose to be downloading?

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              Carney52 Level 1

              I Swear --- I really am NOT this stupid! [well...I sure hope not ! Thirty seconds after writing the first response, my brain cloud lifted and I figured out what you meant. Da-HA! Creative Cloud Desktop! But...darn it's bloody soul... that download won't download either. Something is screwy and my bet it's me and/or my system. Any ideas? (Not including tossing the whole thing out into the snow and cold!)

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                Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                Try a different browser? Are you using an Admin account?

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                  Carney52 Level 1

                  Hi Peter - thank you for trying so hard to help me with this. I tried both IE and Chrome and I'm signed in as admin. I've concluded it's the computer, not the product. Why? Because I had no trouble downloading the trial on my laptop. The laptop runs Windows 8, but I doubt that has any bearing on the issue. I suspect it's a conflict with my security package - Bit Defender - because it's been acting up with my Photoshop and other graphic files. For some reason, Bit Defender returns false positives on almost any graphic file. I tried disabling BD and downloading the trial, but it didn't help. My next step is to delete Bit Defender from the desktop and try to download the software again. If it works, then this tells me I need a better security package, one more compatible with graphic software. Thanks again!