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    Flash CC Brush Tool abruptly stops drawing when stage size is small

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      When using the Brush Tool, I'm having an issue that the stroke I'm drawing will abrupty cut off at a certain point on the screen (roughly halfway down the monitor, it doesn't relate to the canvas position or any coordinates).  This seems to happen when I have the Stage size set to a smaller size (64 x 64 pixels for example).  I've been able to reproduce the same behavior on multiple files, and on both a Windows 8.1 machine and a Windows 7 machine, both using the up-to-date version of Flash CC.  Both machines are dual monitor, I'm not sure if that plays a factor in this.


      To reproduce: 


      1.  Create a new FLA in Flash CC and set the stage size to 64 x 64 pixels.

      2.  Use the Brush Tool and attempt to draw from the top to the bottom of the screen (zoom level and position on the canvas does not matter, as long as your cursor is going from near the top of your monitor to the bottom of your monitor).

      3.  The stroke will abruptly cut off mid-drawing at a certain point on the screen, roughly half-way down.  You can continue to draw and move upwards and it will reappear when it crosses this barrier again.


      This does not happen if the stage size is set to something larger (640 x 480 for example).  This also does happen in Flash CS5 or CS6, and have only noticed this happening in Flash CC.


      This is happening using the mouse for drawing, and also happened when I tested it on a different PC with a Wacom tablet attached.


      Is this happening for others as well, and is there any fix for this behavior?  (aside from always using a large stage size)