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    Securing Digital Signatures and none of that other stuff

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      1. Hello.  I am new to getting help from highly knowledgeable people in this type of forum.  This will be my second question asked.  The first time response was quick, correct, and succinct.  I am grateful for your help and I thank you.  I will need to find out how to close out the thread I initiated wit the first question.  Now my second question will allow me to cut to the chase, (provided I learned correctly what my mentors told me when responding to my first question).  Here it is: I want to lock my digital signature to a PDF document without the use of a third party CA or without becoming a do it yourself CA.  From my perspective it would seem that these programs or services are far more that I need.  I simply need to secure, lock don my digital signature of PDF document that I send out to government agencies.  It’s a one way trip.  Copies of the documents are provided to members of my association, again a one way trip.  I need to have my digital signature integrated into the text of the document and secure as well as the PDF document itself.  That is all I want to do; no tracking, no secured return digital signatures, etc.  I prefer to by a add in or an easy to use software program, but if I absolutely have to, I can work with the “cloud”.  Can anybody point me in the right direction?   Eally need help.


      Thanks for your consideration and past assistance.