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    Flash Player Rejects a site


      When I run the TomTom satnav application "MyDriveConnect.app" (which is the one that that connects my device to their site for downloading maps and updates) the site's window opens. However, there appears at the top left corner of the window a fleeting message lasting a fraction of a second saying:


      "Flash Blocked this site".


      There is a small arrow to the right of that message but it cannot be accessed because of the speed of the message. The TomTom app then hangs.


      At Apple Menu > System Preferences" > Flash Player > Advanced, is an opportunity to add an application to the list of  "Trusted Location Settings", but the TomTom site is greyed out (as are other applications) and cannot be added to the list.


      At TomTom's suggestion  I have set System Preferences > Security & Privacy > General to "Allow apps to download from: Anywhere.


      I have switched the Mac's Firewall off and on, but no help.


      TomTom seem to be unable to come up with a solution. Any ideas please?


      iMac 2011, Mavericks 10.9.1, Flash Player (the latest, downloaded from the Adobe/Marcomedia site with the help of Mike M-many thanks).

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          Mike M Level 6

          I assume you have the TomTom app installed?

          Try adding THAT to the "allow" list.

          Usually the "flash has blocked... etc." message refers to a local file trying to connect.

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            Stevekir98 Level 1

            The TomTom app can be launched and run. "Intalled" usually means (to me) a process where an app installes code in the OS. I am pretty sure that the TomTom app never did that when I got it last summer.


            I have tried to add it to the "allow" list with it both not launched and launched. No difference.


            I have now noted that my "allow" list greys out every single app on my computer, even Apple ones, and even Photoshop, Indesign, all Microsoft Office apps, DVD Player.app, Firefox.app, gimp.app, Google Earth.app, iBooks.app, Mail.app, Maps.app, iPhoto.app, Snapz Pro X.app, VLC.app !?


            My System Preferences > General > Allow apps downloaded from: includes "Anywhere". Could there be something wrong in my OS to ban all these respectable apps?


            Thanks for your help. I really need to get this sorted or my satnav will become useless if I cannot download up to date maps.

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              Mike M Level 6

              You've probably done this already but...

              What you want to do is:

              Open your Global Settings Manager in System Preferences

              Under Advanced click Trusted Location Settings...


              Click the "+" to add a new location


              Select your Applications folder (where the TomTom app is) and click "Open"


              This should add the entire Applications folder and ALL it's contents as trusted for Flash to open and allow Internet access.


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                Stevekir98 Level 1

                I hadn't done that, but I have now. My Trusted Location Settings now has /Applications


                Same result, "Flash blocked for this site", and the TomTom app hangs again.


                If I now try to specify the TomTom application individually, it and all applications are still greyed out.


                (As an experiment, I re-started my iMac on Mountain Lion, from a bootable clone made by Carbon Copy Cloner. The TomTom app (an earlier version) still misbehaved in the same way, and when I tried to add it, individually, to Trusted Locations, it was still greyed out.)


                The TomTom app, by the way, is the current version. Flash really doesn't like my apps! Below is a complete list. As the forum was in the act of attaching the list, I got a fleeting sight of the "Flash blocked for this site" message! But the attachment was successful (at least at my end).


                I haven't noticed the "Flash blocked for this site" message anywhere else, and presumably Flash will be used successfully (and without any indication) for several pieces of software on my computer.


                This is getting worrying. Thanks for your help. Any more ideas?


                Here are my apps:


                My Apps.jpg

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                  Stevekir98 Level 1



                  TomTom told me to download the latest version of their software for my device. I had done that before, I already had the updated version, but I ploughed on and deleted it, and downloaded it from their site and launched it.


                  The problem that I have been describing has gone—I no longer get the same image, the perpetual download wheel, nor the "flash blocked for this site" message.


                  Instead, when trying to download maps for my satnav (which is the purpose of the TomTom software), nothing happens. I have gone back to TomTom to sort it out and I don't think there is a Flash Player problem (at least for the present!).


                  Thanks for your help.

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                    Stevekir98 Level 1



                    TomTom told me to use another browser. I changed to Firefox and the problem has gone!!!


                    How is an ordinary guy expected to make use of computing stuff when the tech people who design it throw roadblocks in front of users. It's enough to make people hate computers.


                    Thanks Mike for all your efforts. Much appreciated.

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                      Mike M Level 6

                      That's an odd one, Steve. Safari and FF share the same Flash Player and the same Global Settings.

                      Glad it's working, anyway.