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    Support for CPS????

    RickEEE Level 1
      Not sure who's in control of CPS, but there's a lot of non-support of CPS at Adobe/Macromedia. To get support, I need a serial number. The Licensing Dept says it's volume licensing so s/n is needed. I'm tired of fighting. Anyone else have this issue and how did you get around it?
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          Markus-CA Level 1
          Even when you have a license there is a lot of non support. Contribute doesn't seem to have as much support as Adobe's other flagship products. It's quite frustrating since Contribute and CPS can be so much more.
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            Stuart-ITSB Level 1
            support & licensing issues through adobe have consumed much time for us. I had to spend over 30 min just trying to prove I had a valid license of CPS.

            Adobe's policy about server support is a call-back or e-mail response basis. you can't be transfered to a technician directly

            I was worried about how things were going to be after Adobe took over Macromedia. Today proved my concerns valid. :(
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              RickEEE Level 1
              Frankly, the Contribute product is great for our needs and agree that it can be so much more. We have plans to purchase 50 more licenses of CPS and Contribute next fiscal, but that will change if Adobe does not get its act together. Have also spent a ridiculous amount of time proving that I have a legitimate copy of CPS in order to get support. Have even had to fax in my License Certificate for proof. Re: getting transferred to a technician for support - my last call to the Licensing Dept, I pleaded my case until they transferred me to a technician. I think if y'all did the same, they might eventually get a clue of the problem (not that the Tech was any help, but that's another issue. He referred me back to this Forum for questions he could not answer!!!!!! I told him how disappointed I was. )