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    Can you point remote telemetry data to more than one computer running Scout?


      If more that one person on a team wants to profile something, it seems there are 3 choices,

      1. run Scout on the same test machine (this is not always possible or desirable)
      2. remote profile using a single, designated computer running Scout
      3. manually edit "TelemetryAddress" to point to the person's computer wanting to do a test


      Is it possible to point the telelemtry to more than one remote machine?


      For example can the flag entry in teleletry.cfg have multipe remote IP's?  Something like



      It appears not.  What's your say?


      My current setup:

      I have a low end test computer on which I run the Flash content  (i.e. Scout is not installed/doesn't run on this computer).  Following the instructions given under "Remote profiling for desktop content", the ".telemetry.cfg" file points all telemetry data to a remote computer running Scout.

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          Gavin Peacock Adobe Employee

          Telemetry in the flash player only supports connecting to one TCP/IP address at a time. Scout can listen to any number of connections from different flash players - on other machines or other browsers, but the core flash player in each browser can only have one active telemetry session. You could probably write a proxy to listen to the telemetry session and forward it to multiple instances of Scout but I've never tried that. Of course you can also save a session and view it in multiple instances of Scout.

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            jeffward Level 1

            I realize this is an old thread, but I couldn't help but consider this interesting question.


            You could, on a linux or OS X box -- as along as they have the netcat and tee utilities -- listen on the telemetry port and forward to multiple recipients.  The command to listen to port 7934 and relay to both two other machines, and, is:


            nc -l 7934 | tee >(nc 7934) >(nc 7934) > /dev/null


            You can add as many recipients as you like with more >(nc ipaddress 7934) clauses in the middle.


            In this case, point your .telemetry.cfg at the machine running this script, and it will forward the telemetry data to the IP addresses you specify. If they're all running Scout, they should all see the data.


            For kicks, here's a couple other useful commands:


            Capture telemetry data to a file:  nc -l 7934 > data.flm


            Push saved data.flm file to Scout on localhost port 7934:  nc localhost 7934 < data.flm


            Just one more reason Linux rules. Hope this helps someone!