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    Google Remarketing Tag Code in Edge 3.0 - Crash?

    bart_mc Level 1

      Hello All,


      I updated to Edge Animate 3.0 yesterday, and I've discovered a problem with one of our sites created in EA 2.


      The pages for this site have Google Adwords code added to the HTML file that resides in the same folder as the .an file. These pages open and function perfectly in EA 2.x, but when I open them in EA 3.0, I get a white screen and Edge becomes unresponsive. When I close the file and quit, EA 3.0 hangs and I have to force quit.


      These pages also have Google Tracking code in the head, which does not seem to affect EA 3.0 at all. If I leave that head code in and just comment out the Adwords code (which goes in the body tag), the files function as expected.


      I can comment out the Adwords while working in EA 3, then un-comment them after publishing. So this is not a huge problem - just thought I'd point it out.


      bart mclaughlin

      mermaid, inc.