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    sendAndLoad Problems

      Hello, sorry for my poor english.
      I have a problem using XML.sendAndLoad(...) function to comunicate with a JSP Servlet if i call the servlet over https.
      The fact is:
      1) i have a flash application (AS2) that comunicate with the jsp servlet over http ( http://www.xxxxx.yy/abc/JSPServlet) in 3 of 4 screens and the comunication is ok.
      2) at 4th screen i have to use the https (https://www.xxxxx.yy/abc/JSPServlet) to call the same servlet but if i do it the comunication is KO. (if i use http is OK)
      3) i have a crossdomain.xml with this lines:
      <allow-access-from domain="*" secure="false"/>
      4) in AS, at the application loading, i call:

      Anyone knows wath is the problem?