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    Acrobat in ID CS4 corrupting text.



         I just upgraded to Mac OS 10.9.1and am still running ID CS4. When I go to export my file as a PDF it corrupts the text and turns it into little squares. All the text except that which is in bold.

      BTW would it hurt Adobe that much to have a call center which offered live support?

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          Adobe no longer offers support for CS4, so you're stuck with us.


          First, CS4 is not supported at all on 10.9, so things may or may not work. And it will be less likely to work if you attempted an in-place upgrade of the OS or tried to migrate the program. If either of those is true, uninstalling and reinstalling may, or may not, solve the problem.

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            Joel Cherney Level 5

            I'm not going anywhere near 10.9 for a while yet, but my experiences helping others leads me to believe that you really, really want to


            1) deregister and uninstall

            2) download VirtualBox or something analagous

            3) Make a VM of, say, 10.6

            4) Install CS4 in your VM


            I've seen reports that the main hitch in getting CS4 running on 10.9 involve installing older versions of Java. But I wouldn't do that, personally. If you don't have hardware where you can dual-boot 10.6, then virtualization is probably your best bet.