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    Edge Tools versus Flash Tools

    RJW Level 1

      I created an educational website years ago that is comprised of about 98% Flash files. I am looking to revise it in a tablet compatible format. I have the trial version of Edge Animate, which I understood was the future replacement for Flash. However the Tools of Edge are almost non- existent. It appears that there isn't even a tool to draw simple straight lines (which I use for leadlines on labeled objects). How are former Flash users getting around this major drawback of Edge?

      Thanks for any suggestions.


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          resdesign Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          What version are you using?

          I love Animate and as yourself I used to work with Flash. Animate has made a lot of progress since version 1.5 and there is still a lot to be added. You have to realize that Flash has had many years to get to the point where it is now. Animate is only 18 months old or so. Animate depends on HTML5 and jquery which are evolving all the time so it also is an evolving software.

          Try it and do not get discouraged because of course there is a learning curve. I have been with it since the previews and I learn every day. I miss some of Flash features like vector graphics but I really enjoy working with Animate a lot.

          PS: I work on curriculum for highschools and it fits my needs.

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            RJW Level 1

            I have the trial download which is version What do you use for graphics or drawing in Edge - its inherent tools or something else?

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              resdesign Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              There is limited drawing tools for now that are native to Animate. I use png and jpg files depending whether I need transparency or not. I use native fonts or webfonts for text especially for dynamic text.

              You can use plugins just like you would do otherwise and adapt them to edge especially easy now with script loading.

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                Well in fact, if you really want to draw something in Flash like you did in the past, you still can do it.


                It's maybe a bit more complex but you can for example draw your stuff in Flash, then export it with the html5 export option( it exports to canvas) and finally, load you canvas animation in Edge. It works but you have to play with a little code to make it work.

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                  RJW Level 1

                  Thanks. I'll give that a try.

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                    darsh136 Level 2

                    Ok just give a try and notice here if its ok.

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                      RJW Level 1

                      Thanks for the idea. I focused on the export/import part of your suggestion. I don't actually use Flash to create animations. I created a website (www.webanatomy.com) about 10 years ago with Flash 5 - now trying to convert/revise it in Edge (I have the trial version). I selected a collection of labels and drawn lead lines from a Flash file and then tried to export them and subsequently import them into an Edge file - doesn't work. There is no "html5 export option" as you mentioned in my Flash version (CS6), just "Export" and then three options for Image, Selection, and Movie. Is the html5 export option you mentioned something different from this Export selection?

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                        darsh136 Level 2

                        If you're trying to revisit your website with Edge, I suggest you to start from a new document and then use the tools provided in Edge.


                        About the Flash export:

                        I don't know about the cs6 version, I've got the CC version (but I think there is an extension panel to install that allows you to export your animation to a canvas-based animation).

                        If you have Flash cc, you can create a canvas based animation from a blank document. Just start Flash cc > File > new and choose "HTML5 Canvas".


                        Hope that helps

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                          RJW Level 1

                          I checked - Flash CS6 does not have a new File choice of "HTML5 Canvas". In my effort to revise my website it was my original intention to create new documents using the tools provided in  Edge. Unfortunately, those tools are very limited and don't address many of my needs. A good example is there is no tool in Edge to draw straight lines. I label a lot of images at my website and have to draw a straight line (called a lead line) from the text of the label to a point on the image - can't do that within Edge itself like you can within Flash. Interestingly, I have been following the Animate Team Blog and someone else also commented about the inability in Edge to draw simple straight lines. I hope that with time the Toolbox of Edge will be ungraded to be comparable to that of Flash.


                          I'm still experimenting with Edge. Do you use it a lot? If so, in your opinion is it destined to be a primary development tool for websites like Flash is?

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                            darsh136 Level 2

                            I agree, Edge still not has tools to draw like you have in Flash. Here is how to export in html5 (with CreateJs) from Flash CS6:


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                              elainecc Adobe Employee

                              Hi, RJW-


                              I worked around the straight line issue by simply using a rectangle that is 1px high.  You can animate the length of the line fairly easily in Edge Animate.  We recognize that drawing tools are eagerly anticipated and are investigating it for a future release.


                              Hope this helps,



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                                RJW Level 1

                                Thanks Elaine. I tried that and see how you can create a lead line in edge. However, it's not practical for the amount of lead lines I create - not difficult, but a little time consuming to get the two ends exactly as you want them. If you are involved with Edge Animate development, I also miss the convert to button symbol option in Flash - I know you can create buttons with Edge but it was much more efficient in Flash.


                                I appreciate the input from all respondents.



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                                  Use Illustrator and try to limit yourself to SVG graphics - CreateJS has a Flash to HTML5 plugin which may suite your needs however personally I found the transition from Actionscript the Javascript(createjs) not as easy as I would like. It would be a good alternative maybe to redoing all your Flash as Edge Animate comps


                                  In a production environment Adobe Edge was a much better fit for our animators which left me to code in jQuery/Javascript.