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    Recommendations for Large RIA Modularization?

      I am new to Flex and am evaluating general practices to use in our organization.

      My basic question is: if I have a Flex app with a number of "pages", what is a good way to break it up so the MXML doesn't all end up in one file and so it can work as a single program?

      I understand that the Actionscript is easily broken into libraries and classes, etc, but I'm talking about building the GUI framework in MXML (with actionscript where needed).

      The O'Reilly Flex 2 book suggests using custom components for that purpose - so I guess each page would be a component, sitting in a viewstack or something? This seems a bit artificial to me.

      So... can I have more than one MXML application in one project, and go from one to another? Do I use modules in some way to do this (Flex 2, since 3 isn't avail yet)?

      Just looking for good practices to avoid creating large messes.

      Thanks in advance