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    Black magic and Adobe After effect cs6 Ram Preview not real time



      I'm on a MAC PRO with the OS 10.6.8 and 8Go Ram, the problem is when i turn on my preview video on the Blackmagic the video monitor is not in real time and the after effect is so slow. When i put it off (computer monitor only) it's ok but i havn't my video monitor of course....and i need it. Is there some tricks for having my black magic (1080 i 50) ON and a RAM Preview in real time ??? ! My drivers Black magic is the 9.5.3 it's the highest driver for MAC OS 10.6.8 + ADOBE CS6+ FCP7.  Thanks for the read. ( i tried update adobe, change qt library, change aspect ratio, pixel, preview ram settings, change drivers black magic and other but nothing work )