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    Copy & Paste Hide/Show Rules

    Chanel R.

      For FormsCentral:


      Can I copy and paste fields that have Hide/Show rules, and keep the rules? I can copy and paste the fields, but the rules disappear. How do I keep the rules?

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          Josh_Corey Adobe Employee



          If you need to create another form with those same fields and logic you can "Duplicate" the form from the "My Forms" tab (context menu or the button along the top toolbar) and that will duplicate the fields along with the logic.  When you just do a copy/paste the logic is not retained.




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            I dont think that was the inquiry as duplicating a form just creates a new form - not duplicates logic into a form multiple times in a single form.


            I'm having the same problem. Very frustrating and time consuming. Looking at alternate options at this point...

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              Josh_Corey Adobe Employee

              Duplicating (copy and paste) the fields does not retain the logic.  I was adding additional information that it is retained if the form is duplicated, and stated that it is not retained in Copy + paste.


              There is a form to submit ideas and feature requests if you'd like to add a request to retain logic when possible on copy+paste: https://adobeformscentral.com/?f=XnF-KJVCovcEVQz9tZHYPQ




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                ChristianPena Level 1

                Went ahead and submitted it.



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                  Workflow Specialist

                  I agree Christian.  I have spent countless hours copying the same rule sets over and over and over again, as it is currently impossible to simply copy a rule set.

                  You would think that anybody that actually used the program would encounter this problem, and it would be added by now.  It is pretty much a no brainer that users do not want to copy rules over and over again.


                  For instance, I have a client that is only in 3 states.  So i have to create a rule for "Property State" IS NOT, and list all other 47 states. (Because I am cross referencing with transaction type and business segment, and they don't allow you to use IS unless there is only one choice...weak, but another issue all together)


                  Now I have another client with the same state scenario, and have to do it all again.... thanks adobe!  I only have about 200 more clients like this to copy THE SAME RULE SET into.  With the age of this software, this feature should be implemented and perfected by now.  Please help us Adobe.