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    Any way for the users of help to view several topics in one frame?

    kdeuler Level 1

      Hi. I'm experimeting with RoboHelp (trial copy). One prospective user is asking if it is possible to view several consecutive topics in one scrollable view.  For example, if the user were to click on a topic, (and then invoke some type of view-all option) , all subtopics would appear in the frame, one after the other, perhaps with text indented according to the hierarchy in the TOC. This user's interest is to be able to read an entire document (ie, topic with subtopics) without the need to keep clicking in the nav area to expose each subsequent topic's text. Could someone comment as to whether this is possible to set up?


      We've been using FrameMaker to make PDFs up til now. PDFs are of course fine for allowing a reader to read consecutive topics in by simply scrolling through the PDF. We're considering moving to Help-based manuals to make it easier to find stuff (via search) across all FM books we import into the RH project.


      There's the idea of course of having the best of both worlds by setting up links to FM files in RH, thereby preserving the best of both wordls (linear PDFs AND searchable topics). But this seems like another production task to continue to worry about (namely PDF generation).


      Any ideas would be helpful.