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    Flash player doesn't run in user accounts

    Steve F.S.

      I updated to Flash Player 12 and it runs when I am in the "Owner" account on my computer. However, it does not run when I am in a user account and it will not update directly from a user account (get "Do not have sufficient privileges" message). Is there something simple I should know to get it to run in all accounts? Using Windows Vista/IE9.

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          Mike M Level 6

          To update it on (non-admin) user accounts, , if you're unable to "Run as Administrator" via right click, while in the non-admin account, and then enter the proper credentials for the admin account... you need to (temporarily) change the account to an administrator.

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            Steve F.S. Level 1


            Thanks for your reply. I know this is probably pretty dumb, but could you tell me where the Flash Player "is" in order to do the Run as Administrator? When I am in a user account, it does not come up when I look at All Programs through the Start button. However, it is listed if I go through Control Panel/Programs and Features, although the Size column is blank. Does that mean it was not installed? I have the same situation (ie, it is not listed in All Programs) in the "Owner" account although the Flash Player does run fine there.

            I appreciate your time & help.