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    Frontpage Conversion

    BB043 Level 1
      I am fairly new to DW8. Our compnay has been using Frontpage to develope all the sites and we believe it is time to grow and move to something better. Here is my issue. We have 300 plus domains all built in frontpage. Now when frontpage opens up a site you basically click on the domain and the whole site opens where you can work on it. I know DW8 has this capability alos with its site management. So here is the big question what is the easiest way to "convert" all of these domains to DW8 in the site managemetnt tool.

      We do not use any of the frontapge frames,themes overlay counters ect. The only element we do use is the forms but that can be changed.

      I would like to start a migration of sites and convert forms on a daily basis while we are learning DW8.

      I am looking for any imput from like experiences or best pratices.