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    (still) Unable to install Flash Player update (process hang)


      I haven't been able to install updates for Flash Player for over a year now. Ever since the website changed to the web-install package, i've been unable to update from the download page (http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/). The file is downloaded successfully, i double click it, the security message pops up asking if i'm sure i'd like to run it (not UAC as i have that disabled -- i mean the somewhat uncommon Windows one when opening .exe files from the internet)...and then it hangs. Install_flashplayer shows up in the process list of task manager, and the file is moved to a temp location and subsequently deleted. That's it. I don't get the installation menu, nothing.


      For some reason the only way i'm able to update is if i get the pop-up upon logging into my computer, telling me a new version is out, in which case it updates as expected. The problem is it sometimes takes MONTHS for this pop-up to finally appear, which means i'm left browsing the web with outdated (sometimes vulnerable) Flash components for the entire duration. On top of this, sometimes the pop-up won't simply update, but instead links me to the aforementioned site which does not work.


      Any help? I've tried almost everything, including uninstalling my old version in preparation for a clean install of Flash. Nothing works. About a year ago i was able to use the offline archive instead, which worked a treat, but i can't access it anymore.


      EDIT: should have included specs. I'm using Windows Vista 32bit, and i always make sure to keep everything updated. UAC is disabled, and running the installer in Admin mode has no effect. I'm using Firefox, and have ESET as my anti-virus.