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    Harware Setup Opinion Solicitation

    Chase Chick Level 1

      Ok guys, wanted to get everyone's opinion on basically how I should set up my hard disks.  Here's my complete system breakdown.


      Haswell 4770

      Nvidia 760 with 4Gb

      MOBO: asrock pro3 z87

      32 gigs ram @ 1866mhz

      Samsung EVO 120gb

      PNY XLR8 240gb

      Seagate Barracuda 1tb

      WD Blue 1tb

      WD Blue 1tb

      WD USB external 1.5tb


      I use Premiere, After Effects, and Photoshop pretty much equally.  I don't have a RAID controller, and not sure that I want to spend another $300+ bucks (my understanding of where a decent one starts) though I suppose I could be talked into it (my birthday is coming up after all), and not 100% sure if my mobo would support a RAID controller but I don't see why not.  I probably wouldn't want to spend any more than 500 on one, preferable less (I'm not a big wig yet).


      Anyway, looking for opinions on how to distribute my cache, project files, exports, etc.  My current setup is:


      Samsung EVO: OS, programs, pagefile (set to 1gb min and 16gb max)

      PNY SSD: cache, scratch disks

      Seagate: source material

      WD Blue: exports

      WD External: Backups

      (I haven't installed the other WD Blue yet)


      And here's what I'm thinking about doing:

      EVO: OS, programs, Pagefile

      PNY: Cache, scratch, previews,

      Seagate: project files

      WD: orginal media

      WD: original media (possibly these two WD's in RAID1)

      external: export


      (and possibly RAID 1 for the two WD)


      Thanks in advance!


      Oh and one other dumb question: how do you control where the preview files go?


      Edit: aaaand just one more Q.  There looks like there's a lot of eye popping deals for RAID cards on ebay.  There's an areca 1680 sitting there for under $300.  Yay or nay?