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    Scale for zoom

      I have a fairly simple application using a set of nested boxes for layout, nothing fancy. In the middle I have a Canvas derived object that has children added to it (e.g. sprites). I want to be able to zoom in and out of the Canvas, which I thought would be as simple as setting scaleX and scaleY.

      While adjusting those variables does zoom, it has a couple side effects. First, it zooms from the registration point (0,0), which I've worked around by adding pre/post-translations. The second, and FAR bigger issue, is that changing the scale makes the Canvas expand past its borders, overflowing onto neighbors (unless I zoom out, in which case it goes to postage stamp size).

      I had hoped that there would be a simple way to say "This container has the following screen dimensions (percentages) but please zoom the contents in/out by this amount". My only other option is to implement all of this manually, which sounds like a lot of reinventing the wheel.

      Any ideas?