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    Shortcut to external file

      Hi all,

      I chose to use shortcut to link external file from the chm.
      The external file is an .exe file so if I use the normal hyperlink, it will show a popup to save or open to the users which I don't want it.

      When I set the shortcut, I found that:

      (1) Open the chm file directly from Windows Explorer, go to the page with shortcut, click the shortcut, the exe file is opened.

      (2) If I open the chm file from the application (e.g. F1), go to the same page, click the shortcut, the exe file is not opened. It simply has no effect.

      It seems that it is because of if I open the chm from the application, it does not know which working path is used.
      However, the application has its help directory set in the environment already.
      But may be I am wrong. And there is another thing causing it not working.
      Appreciate if anyone can let me know.