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    Shortcut to toggle pattern presets in pattern picker?


      I am looking for a faster way to toggle patterns in the pattern picker dialog. See a screen capture here:




      Okay, so first let me explain why I need to do this. I am a pattern designer with hundreds of designs. I have created batch actions to apply my patterns to various mockup type imagery for the purpose of displaying my designs on things such as pillows (which I make and sale) and t-shirts. These batch actions first require what I call a "flat" which is whatever file type and dimensions/resolutions established for the actions. So I start out with a folder (for example) of 150 tiff files all 18 x 18 inches at 300 dpi and the action will take those "flats" and process them onto pillow mockups.


      To create my 150 flats, I take a template file (white with no layers, just the correct resolution/color profile/dimensions, etc.) and I create 150 fill layers from pattern presets (which I have made and are located at the time in my preset box). I have a shortcut for Layer>New Fill Layer>Pattern that allows me to create my first pattern layer. I hit the enter key to accept the parameters in the pattern fill dialogue to finalize creation of the new fill layer. I then use a keyboard shortcut for Layer>New>Layer Via Copy to duplicate the newest pattern fill layer.


      I should note right now that the reason I use one template file with 150 pattern fill layers to make these flats is because I always go the route of File>Scripts>Export Layers to Files which is for me the fastest way to create my flats with identical parameters.


      After I duplicate that first pattern fill layer, what I am currently doing is using a keyboard shortcut to call up the pattern fill dialogue box (Layer>Layer Content Options) and here is where I am stuck: I cannot find a way to toggle the pattern picker. If you look at the link I put at the top of this post, you will see the pattern fill dialogue box. The pattern picker is the small thumbnail. It has a dropdown arrow. If you click the drop down arrow or just the thumbnail you get this:




      What I do now is I click the box to open this window and then click one of the patterns. The thing is, I only see the point of this if I were only needing one of the patterns and would like to pick one out. However, I am trying to create pattern fill layers for ALL of the pattern presets currently loaded into the pattern preset dialgue in succession without exception. I would like to be able to avoid even opening this window and instead to just be able to jump forward or back one pattern preset at a time.


      This is similar to the way that you can toggle brushes (if you set up shortcut keys with the keyboard shortcuts and menus dialogue and look under the "Shortcuts For: Tools" section). If you have the brush tool active and have a layer selected that is editable via brush, you can just use the shortcut keys to toggle brushes (which you can actively see happening in the thumbnail preview of your brush in the options bar (just about directly underneath the edit menu on the top of the window).


      So basically I want to be able to swap out patterns in the pattern picker with a shortcut key instead of having to open the pattern picker every time. Is there a default unlisted shortcut for this? Is it possible to create a shortcut for this? I have opted to summarize the shortcuts available and have used ctrl F to try and find any sort of available action that would do this and apply a shortcut, but I could not find any sort of action available that seemingly could do this.


      If this is not already possible, please let me know how I can formally request such a feature. This is something I very much would love to be able to do. It would greatly streamline my process and save me tons of precious time.