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    Photoshop 3.0

    Ms. SLR

      I uninstalled my Photoshop 3.0....Had no problems re-installing previously...Norton cleaned up my computer...un-installed my photoshop 3.0....I have the CD...tried to re-install..it will not re-install from the CD ..  I get a message that I need service pack 3 from Microsoft for my Vista..I do have that...then it gave me the message that I needed a compatible driver for Vista/Photo shop 3.0....ALSO ABOUT A YEAR AGO, I contacted Adobe and for some reason after that, my softwear would not upgrage, the message is that there was an internet glitch or something.....I am stumped and I NEED to do some work...I DO NOT WANT TO JOIN 'THE CLOUD' as I am not on and using my Photoshop soft wear that much.

      Please help...thank, Ms.SLR 

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          John Waller Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Are you talking about Photoshop 3?


          or Photoshop Elements 3?

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            Ms. SLR Level 1

            I have been on this stupid computer all day...trying to get Photoshop to re-install...I got it mixed-up with Photo deluxe 3.    I have a computer friend who is going to help me with my Photoshop 7.  sorry...but I finally got the program to install but there definitely were windows driver compatibility issues...and if there is anyone that can access Adobe and get EPS Porser Plug In for that program they have to be the Adobe Corporate Office themselves...as for Microsoft downloads,,,,,,they are a laugh !  All they want is money, they promise to upgrade and do the up keep free and after 4 years...NO CAN DO !...I always heard: " If it don't need fixin- don't fix it" !

            Thanks for your response..

            Ms. SR