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    Video artist deciding between Premiere Pro and After Effects


      Hi Guys!


      First post but wanted to say that the adobe forums have answered several of my questions up until now so thanks!

      I am artist  trying my hand at making a few video pieces. I would describe these pieces more as 'video collages' or 'digital paintings' as opposed to straight up videos.


      I use dozens (but ideally would use hundreds) of different layers piled on top of each other, each one being manipulated using different techniques.

      The tools I most frequently use are: 8 and 16 point garbage matte, some basic form of color correction,, and the corner pin tool. Oh, I'll also resize a video clip using the motion tool and will play around with each clip's opacity as well as its speed (slowing it down and speeding it up).


      As you can imagine, as soon as I get a couple of different layers piled on top of each other, my computer slows waay down. So I've started to, after reaching 15-20 layers, render my entire clip, export it, and reimport it and will use it as one layer. Than I start to add more layers to that one, affectively starting over.  This helps. But the process is very very slow.


      Some other strange things have also happened when I work with so many layers- sometimes I can't grab and move a clip on the time line without rendering the whole thing first.  I've also gotten the "media pending" sign after I've rendered something but once I saved my project, quit, and restarted it again, it was gone.


      Is this something that would go a lot faster in After Effects? I know that you can accomplish some really cool effects/ animation in After Effects, but realistically, the only techniques I see myself using are the ones I listed above. Can I import different media/ work with several (aka a LOT of ) layers without slowing down my computer too much?


      Or is this just something that will happen when I use a lot of layers?


      Oh by the way, I have a new macbook pro with a 2.5 GHz intel core and 8 GB of memory.


      If there is any other information I need to provide, just ask and I'll do my best to answer it


      Thanks guys! I'm trained as a painter so all this video work is daunting!