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    Error message: not compatable

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      I get this error message when attempting to open an existing project.  It has appeared before, usually after working on another project for a long period of time then closing and trying to open another, and a reboot seemed to fix it.  This time however, I can open 2 others, but not the third one, no matter what I do. Even the recent auto saves don't work on this one.  Also did a disk clean and fragment, but no help.  Anyone have a remedy?  Premier Elements 11, quad processor, Win 7 comp 6 g ram


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          There are could be several possibilities.


          Are all these problem projects created specifically in this one Premiere Elements 11 on Windows 7 64 bit?


          What are the project settings (project preset) for these projects? And what are the properties of the source media going

          into these projects? What is the size of these projects?


          How are you opening these project.prel files that open to the error message only?


          A few years back I got involved in the following "Not compatible" message for another version

          http://www.elementsvillage.com/forums/showthread.php?s=5026c47695f35fc0166d622c3014f6dd&t= 64173&page=2

          Does this sound like anything that might apply to you?


          More later.





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            Thanks for the quick reply.  All 3 projects were created using the same version of Elements 11, and all on a separate internal 1Tb drive with Prel short cuts via desktop to open them, thus launching the Pre program - this has worked fine for several months so far, for the most part.  As for the project settings, I typically just use the defaults, or that which is created by adding regular photos that were peviously resized in Photoshop 11 to 1000 x 750.  Have also added some HD camera images & videos and .mov .mpg and wav files with good results. After much reading and tutorials via muvipix site, I have had great success with editing and creating cool effects yeilding decent SD DVD playbacks.


            For more info, here's what I've done: 

            Created a 40 min project with over 2000 combined photos, camera HD video, music, tranistions and countless effects and titles on each of these and then export each sub menu sectiion (7 so far) to a new folder, each as a .AVI file.  Then I import these AVI files to new project, (3rd) where the menu is also created and subsequently burning the final DVD from there.  In my opinion, this method yeilds a decent DVD result.  Anyway, this is the project that produces the error now, yet I have been working on this for nearly a year with no issues.  Also, I have previously modified the menu template in this project with no problems, - but recently did more mods to that same main menu template - could that be the issue?

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              but recently did more mods to that same main menu template - could that be the issue?


              Best double check the link I cited and look into the remedy of that user who faced the same error message related to his disc menus.


              Also, make sure that you are not getting messed up by using photos whose pixel dimensions are grossly oversized for the project. True, with Premiere Elements 11 and your Windows 7 64 bit, you can stretch the classical "do not exceed" pixel dimensions recommendations, but you may have reached your limit with "2000 combined" photos. Stressing out the program can manifest itself in strange ways with no gain to sharper pictures with greater resolution.


              We will be watching for further developments. More comments later.


              Thanks for the follow ups.



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                That worked!!  I followed the methods on the link, IE:  First I renamed the menu file I had created, then the project opened - then renamed the menu file back to the original name.  Back in the project, I had to re-pick the menu choice but found the one I had modified still intact.  Saved and closed the project, re-opened fine with the menu back.


                Thank you very much!  You have saved me a ton of work and headache trying to figure out how to fix it.   Your help was very much apprecitated - Thank you!

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                  Thanks for the great news. Great job of follow through.


                  Glad that worked for you.


                  Thanks to AGeek and Brian in those 2011 days of Premiere Elements 9.0/9.0.1 for the great contributions.


                  Continued success.