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    Several fade in audio clips fad in after keyframe marker

    mikecox_ Level 1

      spound delay.jpg


      In this screenshot the location of the CTI is where the sound actually pop in; without a fade. Each fade in is delayed and pop in; with a fad.


      If I scrub across the fade in audio the fade works, but if I hit play the CTI starts to move a normal speed and the fade in fails to occur.


      These fade in's are cructial to the effect of all these very shot clips working together.


      Will this sort itself out after I save the project as an AVI or WM file?


      On a related question.  The sound mixer doesn't seem to be interactive.  When I click on a clip, or on the sound line in the clip, nothing seems to happen to the sliders.  I've seen the sliders move remotely, but the last time I tried to determine what db settings an audio line was set at; by highlighting the audio line, the slider didn't move.