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    Time stamp on open

    Tryin hard

      Hi everyone


      First of all the formum has help greatly in creating some very function forms for our company.  Im new at the programming and learning on the run from self taught discussions on here.


      I have a form which currently stamps a time on the form when any of the fields are edited.


      I want to create some way of have a time and date stamp on this form when it is opened opened and another time stamp when they form is completed.  Can anyone give me some sample codes which would be able to achivie this?


      Also can the field be invisable untill printed?


      This is for track staff start and finsih times on jobs.  Just to give some back ground the user starts the day by complete a  job risk assesment of the job by completing a series of yes or no questions and finishes the day by signing a little job description.


      So I guess a simple way could be if the stamp is attached to the first question for opening and the finish where they write their name.


      But I have know idea on how to write this code, so the help would be apprciated.

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          try67 MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          You can set a field's appearance to be "Hidden, but printable" under the Properties window.


          To populate a field when the file is opened just embed the code that does at the doc-level script (Tools - JavaScript - Document JavaScripts), NOT inside a function.

          To do it when the form is "completed" you'll need to define what that actually means.

          Don't forget to change the field's default value as well as actual value, to make sure it doesn't clear if the form is reset.