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    Emil_RT Level 1

      I'm using xpath for reading XML files into dynamic textFields in Flash.

      1) var b=XPath.selectNodes(XMLsheet,"/product/subproduct[0]/descriptiont");

      Here I select the first subproduct in the product tree. I want to read the description element in that node.

      If I use /text() I don't get the HTML tags (<b><i>)

      bla bla bla ,

      and if I select it as above, without /text(), I get the hole node.

      <decription>bla bla bla <b>bla</b><description>

      I just want:

      bla bla bla <b>bla</b>

      Is that doable?

      2) Is there any good documentation for xPath (not w3scholls)?