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    Undo Erasing More Than the Last Edit


      So I have a newsletter that I create once a month. Instead of recreating from scratch each month, I duplicate the file and edit the duplicate. I'm guessing this is pretty standard practice for most.


      So, the past week InDesign has been acting VERY peculiar when I've been editing the newsletter coming up for February. When I go to undo, instead of undoing the last edit, it appears to be undoing ALL the edits I made since I opened the document. It is kind of hard to tell if it is undoing ALL or just a limited number, but it is certainly undoing more than the last one. To the point where ID is becoming unreliable to use, as I can't guarantee it will retain my edits.


      It may just be my imagination, but this appears to become an issue whenever I open a document that has an unavailable font. Now, with the lastest version of ID, I get a warning from Typekit stating the font is unavailable. Nice I guess. But now whenever this happens, it appears that this messes with the undo feature.


      I'm guessing this because originally my February newsletter file had missing fonts, and I had this undo problem right from the start of opening the file for the February newsletter. I fixed the February file so that it didn't have any missing fonts, and now I don't have the undo issue... until I open another document with missing fonts (say an older newsletter that I need to copy out of). As soon as I do this, I'm no longer able to undo, in any document.