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    From Flash to Adobe Animate. Can I shift now?


      I have been using Flash since ver 5, and I have developed so many things in Flash, now most of my clients are returning to shift their products in jQuery and HTML 5.


      Functionalities I am looking in it badly and I don't know if these already exist in Adobe Animate. all these qualities exisit in Flash.


      Animation triggered only when its required.

      All Animations have their own timeline instead of one main time line.

      Animation inside a symbol and symbol is controled by script.

      Reading XML files and doing some math. (now Json files instead of XML).

      Showing values in some input boxes.


      I did this work in a Medical animation in 2007 and now client want this to be converted in HTML5 and Jquery using Json files.


      I can guess this technology is so promising and I will love to shift on Adobe Animate ASAP.


      If you know some fucntion listed above please guide me and I will save lots of time looking for tutorials.



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          SujaiS Adobe Employee

          If your goal is to convert your existing animations in Flash to HTML5, you can explore the ToolKit for CreateJS or the new HTML5 Canvas document type in Flash Pro CC. Otherwise you can definitely explore Animate since it does offer you most of the fetaures listed above.


          You can start with the lessons available in the lessons panel of Animate. Also some links to get you started:





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            elainecc Adobe Employee

            Hi, LongBoy2-


            To answer some of your specific questions:

            • Animations triggered only when you want it.  Yes.
            • Animations have their own timeline: look at Symbols or the "Reuse" lesson to learn more about this feature
            • Animation within a symbol and control of symbol within a script.  Yes, this is available, and we use JavaScript and jQuery natively, so both are available to you.
            • XML files - since JavaScript supports XML, yes.
            • Showing values in input boxes.  Since HTML supports this, yes.


            Hope this helps!



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