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    How can I fix wrong notes in Auditions?


      Hello everyone.


      I like recording piano and I use Adobe Audition.

      I posted on a piano forum asking about if any professional recordings are fixing wrong notes and to my surprise, this is extremely common. Appearantly an average classical piano CD includes about 60 different takes.


      This would be really nice if I learned how to do it, because if I make a mistaked on the 3rd minute of a 4 minute peice, it's very frustrating to have to start from the begining. Sometimes it takes me up to 20 takes to get something "note perfect".


      I understand that the easiest way to do this is find a good spot to make the "split" and re-record from that split. Such split would be a moment of silecne in an ideal situation. Unfortunatly, it is not very common in classical piano music that there is an absolute silence in the middle.


      I tried searching google but couldn't find any information. Perhaps my search terminology is not correct? "how to fix wrong notes with adobe auditions"


      Does anyone know of a website or youtube video with instructions on how to fix wrong notes?

      Obviously I'd have to re-record the section where the wrong note +/- maybe 5 seconds and somehow blend it into the original track in such a manner that nobody can notice.


      Thanks for reading and I look forward to any input or suggestions.



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          SteveG(AudioMasters) Adobe Community Professional

          It's remarkably easy to do in Audition's multitrack mode. Well, the technical process is, although the judgements about where to do it aren't, sometimes, if you want the results to be really inaudible. And yes, it is a pretty normal process in classical editing. What you need to do is look for a tutorial about crossfades, because this is how it's done. Crossfades can be any length you want them to be - if you really want to cut into a fraction of a note, even, you can do it relatively easily.


          In the middle of the tutorial you find here you will find the basic information about crossfading. With classical stuff, the crossfades tend to be relatively short, but there's no limitation on where you place them, really. There is one thing you need to be careful about in audio terms though, and that's the room ambience. Because of the reverberation of the room your piano is in, just re-recording a faulty without playing into it can sometimes make it sound rather strange, if the join loses previous reverb. Admittedly this isn't normally much of an issue with pianos, but it can still happen. It can be a bit of a pain with recordings made in large acoustics though, and you always have to record re-takes taking account of it.


          One day, when I have a bit more time, I'll do a tutorial about classical editing specifically. But it's going to have to wait for a while whilst I actually do some...

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            noamkrief Level 1

            Thank you Steve. that tutorial was super helpful and I already tried it out to fix a mistake and it worked. If I really focus, I can probably make the transition unnoticable.


            Now that I know the key word - Cross fading, I will be digesting many tutorials on the subject!


            thanks again