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    Error U44M1P7


      I keep getting error U44M1P7 about 50% of the download. I have tried reinstalling Creative Cloud and still same issue. What am I missing?

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          Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

          I don't know if any of this will sound likely




          Possibly not, as you are getting half way through before the error.  Although, if you are watching the progress bar, the first 50% or so, represently the file downloading, and the rest is the installation progress, so the points in the above link might well be relevant.


          Some more links in this thread



          Good luck, and let us know how you get on.

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            Ashutosh.Nigam Adobe Employee

            Please verify your Ps version from Help→System Info.

            Also provide us with snapshot of the error and the following files.


            You can find them at:

            Installer logs

            For Mac:


            For Win:

            Program Files(x86)\Common Files\Adobe\Installers


            AAM logs

            For Mac:

            /Volumes/%Volume Name%/Users/%Username%/Library/Application Support/Adobe/AAMUpdater/1.0

            For Win:




            You can zip all the files together and send us through mail (asnigam@adobe.com). This would help us in finding the root cause.

            Appreciate your help. Apologize for the inconvenience.




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              GBT Level 1

              Thank you for the help,  I believe that it was a registry tool that was on my computer.  Still restoring files,  will find out for sure tomorrow.