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    Problem with making remote toppics when linking with external chm

      Hi to everybody,

      i m novice to robohelp html when i am creating chm files from my exsisting project that is a robohelp word project which take input doc file in Robohelp word and create .hpj poject and then i open this .hpj project into robo help Html to create chm file . when i m opening this project into robohelp html it is making .xpj project from the hpj project .
      but at this time poject has some links with external chm but when i m making hyper link with external chm using Remote toppic option this option i couldn't unable to found any where in robohelp html plz anyone can know help me out from this probelm....................plz...................i need help ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,if anyone know how to remote toppic occur in such situation plz let me know,......