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    attachMovie() not attaching

      I am mega flash newb, please excuse me.

      k is a loop index that is incrementing by 1

      var thisDiv = m_parent_mc.attachMovie("divider","div" + k,k+200);
      thisDiv._x = vodLength+10;
      thisDiv._y = 405;

      I have a movie clip symbol in my library called divider, I right click, go to linkage and name it divider. I simply want to plop this image at different coords. What my code does is nothing, no errors, no divider images, nothing. For some reason they are not displaying on the screen.

      When I list objects, I see them..
      Movie Clip: Target="_level0.div1"
      Movie Clip: Target="_level0.div2"
      Movie Clip: Target="_level0.div3"
      Movie Clip: Target="_level0.div4"

      Please tell me how newb boy can trouble shoot this. Thanx.