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    Using the keyboard to select code malfunctioning in Flash, for you too?

    sinious Most Valuable Participant
      Hi all,

      Curious if we have any seasoned keyboard lovers here that suffer this same issue, or better, have solved it! I believe the issue to be flash though, and a glitch that needs patching, as it happens on multiple systems for me.

      In Windows, in every text entry known to mankind, if your cursor is at the beginning of a line and you hold shift and press the down arrow, it selects that whole line. It's a way of selecting all whitespace at the beginning and end as well as the CRLF. It's very useful in duplicating whole lines of text because it copies CRLF (carriage return line feed). Just using your mouse to select a line of text does not usually copy CRLF, and thus you can't paste it. Nor does shift-end or shift-right arrowing to select text. It's just shift + down arrow that also copies CRLF. If you dont copy CRLF, then you need to press enter after every line you paste.

      So my problem? Flash does not have this behaviour (in windows F8 Pro or CS3 Pro). Flash additionally selects whitespace on the following line (next line down). So you get the whole current line, AND the spaces and tabs on the next line.

      This is a glitch. No other program does this. This is completely non-standard.

      Why does this matter? Because code is indented. This means every time I try to copy some lines of code to re-arrange some lines (thousands of times a month), it also selects the indentation of the code on the line below my selection. So when I cut the code (CTRL+X), it cuts the indentation of that line and I continually need to fix it. By fixing it, I mean I need to correct the extra whitespace selection before I even cut the code. I gotta hold shift and slap the left arrow key to reduce my selection of the whitespace before I cut.

      This one stupid quirk of flash has been annoying me for months.. So I really need to know.. Does this happen to everyone else also? Does everyone else use the mouse to copy code? Am I alone here? Or is this just happening to me?

      Quick way to test it is just to open any text editor you have. Any at all. Notepad, C# studio, wordpad, dreamweaver, who cares, a web form, yada... Anything! Hell, do it in the quick reply field on this page!! And then put your cursor at the beginning of any line, hold shift and press your down arrow. Notice it select the line, but nothing more.

      Now do it in flash. Notice it wraps the selection to the next line.

      Why the hell did this get past beta testing for over a year straight?