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    AMD/ATI Firepro support request.




      Im new at this forum and also new as AE user. So first i want to say sorry for my lack of knowledge.


      Back in 2011 i bought a mobile workstation basically concentrating on audio production abilities. So i have no idea what graphic card to choose. I chose ATI Fire Pro M8900 that time. Even these days i have not much necessity of a pro graphic card expect making an audio spectrum video for my produced audio. I do this in After Effects CC. Now when i render the projects to AVI its taking hours even for 3-5 min project just cause GPU greyed out. Buying another CUDA GPU card is not affordable to me. I have no use of 3D Ray Tracing. So i want adobe to make a feature that can disable 3D Ray Tracing & let me render my project using AMD GPU.


      If any one else have a suggestion please help me out my use if so limited as i said.


      Thank you.