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    reference cfgridupdate array

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      I am using CFMX7 and cfgrid. CfGrid mode is "EDIT" name is MYGRID

      The output from the CFFORM page is:

      Form values:
      ID = 74
      CUSTOMERNO = 21691
      SAVEMYUSAGE = Save My Usage
      __CFGRID__EDIT__=10permitnoNtrucknoNlastreaddateNlastreadingYcurrentreaddateNcurrentreadin g

      How can I reference the array in form variable =
      to get my permit no, truck no, lastreaddate, etc.?

      What I want to get to are the values in the array because I need to
      check to see if value is null or if the value is 0, or if the value
      is a number greater than zero.

      I think it is related java and I think the names are param 1, param 2,
      param 3, etc.

      Thanks in Advance

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          Iceborer Level 1
          Try dumping the form variable using <cfdump var="#form#"> on your target page to get a better idea of what the cfgrid construct looks like. If I remeber correctly there is an array for both the before and after images of each column plus an array of row actions. Sorry I don't have an example that would easily show this.