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    e_act_NOT_ready error after activating Windows 8.1 license


        I recently have restored  my Windows 8.1 system to a new disk. Few days ago  I installed Digital Editions 3.0 because  I had bought a book  for wich ADE was mandatory . There was no problem reading the book with my  Adobe ID.  At that point in time I had not yet activated my Windows 8.1 license. . After reactivating my license I suddenly got e_act_NOT_ready errors.


      I followed the Adobe's instructions , removed the activation and also removed the ADEPT key from the registry. After that I got ' Document not licensed for this device'.


      I restored a backup of the OS which was not yet activated and could read the book again.


      I am looking for a way to get around this without buying a new ebook license(which was quite expensive by the way).