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    Building NLE system - HD setup clarifications


      Hey guys,

      I'm about to build a new system in order to get rid of my Q9550.

      I've been reading Harm's website a lot, in order to find a good compromise between performances and price.


      I mostly edit with heavy DSLR or AVCHD codecs on Premiere CS6 soon to be upgraded to CC, and some AVC-Intra multicam (up to 5) projects.

      The biggest project I've had was about 500GB, usually I work with 60 to 100GB project at a time.
      Every clip usually gets about 4 or 5 layers of effects (colorista, misfire grain/vignette, twitch etc.) before exporting.


      The system I've in mind so far is based on Harm's budget warrior low-end:

      CPU: 4930K

      MB: P9X79-E WS

      GC: GTX660 2GB

      (PSU, CASE etc will be adequate)


      • First question would be about the RAM.

      I'm looking at 4x8GB (cosidering the possibility of expanding it to 64GB total in future) but which frequency should I use?

      1866mhz or 2133mhz. I've only seen RAMs that seems to me gaming-oriented rather than WS oriented - should I worry about that? Any particular suggestion?


      • The second is about the HD setup.

      I've read a lot about RAID systems. I'm trying to avoid a RAID controller to save up money, and I've came up with this instead:


      1. OS+Programs+Pagefile: SSD 256GB (I already have this)
      2. Media Cache: SSD 120GB
      3. Projects: SSD 120GB
      4. Preview + Exports: SSD 256GB
      5. Media files: HD 2x2TB in RAID 0
      6. Backup: External e-SATA HHDs


      Every SSD is 500Mb/s read/write. With this configuration I'd spend around 600euro in storage (backup included), and I'll have a 500MB/s system, with 275 MB/s media files HDs.


      I haven't seen an hypotesys like mine around, so I'm wondering: what I've thought wrong?

      I feel like I'm overlooking something here.


      Any help would be much appreciated, thanks a lot!



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          Chase Chick Level 1

          I'd say exports can go to the slowest drive, don't really need ssd for those.

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            cc_merchant Level 4
            1. Intel SATA 6G: OS+Programs+Pagefile: SSD 256GB (I already have this)
            2. Intel SATA 6G: Media Cache: SSD 120GB, but too small
            3. Marvell SATA 6G: Projects: SSD 120GB, smallish and only 350 MB/s
            4. Marvell SATA 6G: Preview + Exports: SSD 256GB, only 350 MB/s
            5. Intel SATA 3G: Media files: HD 2x2TB in RAID 0
            6. Backup: External e-SATA HHDs
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              JFPhoton Level 3

              ...be aware that the new Haswell E, ( enthusiast) CPU is coming out later this year.....if you can hold out until the 4th quarter of 2014....you may want to wait.....the new features and performance increase will BE SIGNIFICANT !!!  Up to 8 physical cores, (16 theads), Quad channel system memory, on board PCI generation 3, larger caches, and a new chipset allowing ten 6Gb/sec. SATA III ports to be on the motherboard. THAT is what I AM doing !!!!....WAITING for that......the 4930K is tied to the "old" technology of only two 6Gb/sec. SATA III ports and a slower memory system and motherboard. You may have more high speed storage options with this new chip and MOBO... WITHOUT having to go to an expensive RAID solution !!! Maybe the NVidia 780ti will be ON SALE by then !!!