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    Adobe Flash Player Quit Working


      I am running Windows Pro 7 (64-bit) and MSIE 9.


      For some unknown reason, my flash player quit working. No big deal, as I went to Adobe's download page and first obtained their uninstall executable. I used it to completely rid my machine of it's original Adobe Flash Player.


      Next, I went to download the latest version (and have done so probably 7 or 8 times now). I have tried two methods.


      One, installing it onsite (the app reaches 7% and completely stops).


      Secondly, I download the installer to my machine and double-click it. Same thing, the installer stops at 7% and it's done.


      I have researched this problem since yesterday, trying to solve it, to no avail. I have turned off my anti-virus, my anti-malware, I've turned off just about everything except my computer but nother works. I have switched between ActiveX filtering and back again, yet the same results.


      I cannot get past the 7% download of Flash Player from the site.


      Can you recommend a third party exe that may work without having to download from Adobe's exe?


      Thank you.