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      Greetings -
      After an upgrade from MX6 to MX7 including the updater patch, I've noticed the CGI.Request_URI variable does not seem to behave the same way it used to. I'm running Apache 2.0.54.

      I noticed the behavior because a redirect script I wrote no longer has access to the original cgi.request_uri variable.

      In MX6, I used the variable in a switch statement to look for redirect pages at the top of my missing template. When a bad request would come in, I'd check to see if the page should be redirected based on the value of cgi.request_uri.

      Now, in MX7, when my missing template fires, the value of cgi.request_uri is always missing.cfm - which leads me to believe that apache is handling the request and the cgi variable is getting lost in the process.

      Anyone experience this or have a good work around?