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    How do you project onto both sides of a 3d model?




      If you have a 3d model and you create a new layer, paint a line on that layer then merge down to project that onto the 3d model. Is there a way to have that project through the 3d model so that the line apears on both sides? This is pretty much a standard feature in every 3d painting software I have ever used, so I am sure there is a way but so far I have been unable to find it.


      Also is there a way to quickly toggle Paint falloff (on and off)?


      Thanks in advance

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          PS doesn't have any advanced projection stuff or control over it. All textures are painted on the layer directly with regards to the surface normal and the visible parts of the texture, which for most people will be how they would want it to work to avoid confusion.



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            coridium Level 1

            Hi Mylenium,


            Thanks for the reply!


            Really disapointing that this feature is not avaliable, it really is a massive time saver and seems odd that it would not be included. I am not really sure who the 3d painting features are aimed at, at the moment, as it feels incredibily primitive,I mean in comparision to other 3d painting software it seems really bare bones.


            I currently use photoshop every day at work (and have been for many many years 10+) but the lack of good 3d painting tools in photoshop is really beginning to make me question if photoshop has a future in videogames development, as I find myself using other programs more and more and photoshop less and less, which is a shame as I like photoshop, but there will come a point where having photoshop will just not be cost effective for the amount its used. New software like 3d coat, mairi, substance painter, etc. are really making photoshop seem very dated in the 3d field, I really wish they would spend more time in this area.


            Thanks for taking the time to answer, shame its not better news.