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    Arabic diacritics positioning in InDesign

    Sajhd Level 1

      How can I position the Arabic diacritic (Kasra) below the character? At the moment the Diacritic automatically positions itself above the character by default, Some Arabic scripts use this particular diacritic below the character.


      Is there a way to change this using InDesign without having to manually move each instance of the character using the diacritics positioning panel?




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          Joel Cherney Level 5

          Can't say that I've ever noticed this myself. What language is the text marked as? What language is it? What font? If it's script-dependent and the font is well-designed, then you should be able to select the text, change the language, and have the kasra change position. But I thought that kasra positioning was conditional. (I can't read any langage that uses the script, beyond the basi 100 words, for what it's worth.)


          Are you keying this yourself? Someone who e.g. knew how to key only the fatha might use it in place of the kasra, for example. I have worked with many translators who were great writers but terrible typists, if you know what I mean, and who used any number of terrible workarounds to account for their lack of facility keying Arabic into their word processors.

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            Sajhd Level 1

            Thanks Joel,


            Thanks for your reply.


            Language: Arabic

            Font: Myriad Arabic


            I figured it out in the end! It was the Open Type > Stylistic Sets.


            With Arabic there are a couple of different reading styles with how the diacritics are positioned and read.


            The diacritic in question (Kasra) can be placed both above a letter and below. It was set with the positioning above the letter characters. When I changed the Stylistic Set it fixed it. Now displays below the letter character.