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    mxmlc ant task and locales


      I have property files for several locales, for example locale/en_US, locale/en_GB, locale/es_ES, and locale/es. Running from within FlexBuilder I can see the various locales just fine. However when creating the .swf file using ANT and the <mxmlc> task, only en_US is available. I've attached a snippet from my ANT script.

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          injpix Level 3
          Are you using Adobe FlexAnt?

          On this page , there is a <compiler.library-path> node that seems to import a bundle directory that contains locales. I believe <compiler.library-path> is from FlexAnt, so you would need to enable it if you haven't.

          Also look on the next page from the link I posted, there is another example on how to import bundles in an automation.