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    Edge Animate CC (since update) won't work; returns with error

    tahneeg Level 1


      I installed the EA CC update (to 3.0) and every time I launched EA, I'd just see a large blank white screen, except for the menu at the top.

      File > New will give me a blank document and the full interface, but the document itself is edgeless and white.
      Opening any preexisting file will give me this same result. Doing anything further (such as scrubbing the timeline) yields the alert shown above.


      I am running Windows 7, SP1. I rely on Edge Animate for one of my blogs (Snurffles), and was looking forward to using it for professional work this week-- and would rather operate the latest than backtrack to v1.5 .


      Uninstalling and reinstalling the software didn't work. Any suggestions? I did install Muse CC last week. All other installed CC programs are working.