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    Master Page doesn't work for text frame

    straightlife Level 1

      What am I doing wrong?

      I create a master page.

      It's a given size, 6 X 9

      It has margins.

      It has a text box with a header for chapter headings.


      So far so good.


      Unless I override it on succeeding pages, it looks just fine.




      I want a footer (for page numbers) so I place a footer on the bottom.  Let's say it's an inch high.  Right now it has nothing in it.


      I want a text frame that will fall between the header and the footer so I can flow the inside without having it impinge on either header or footer.


      The header seems protected.  But.


      No matter how much I try or what all I do, the "footer" doesn't appear on on succeeding pages.  Neither does the text box.  The header area is "taken" but the rest of the page is up for grabs.  No "footer."


      Please help.  This is driving me nuts.



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          Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant

          What size do you have? 6 x 9 cm? m? mm? Agaten? Or what else?

          Which version?

          Margins? What size are we talking about?

          What are you overriding? And why are you overriding something?

          Is the footer inside or outside the margins? Is there a text frame which will wrapp text away from the footer? Why is the footer empty when you want to use it fr numbering?

          What do you want to see on the pages if the footer is empty?


          Please give us enough information so we are enabled to help you.

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            straightlife Level 1

            Thanks, Willi.  I figured it out.  Sometmes I get so tired banging my fool head against a wall.  I wanted to have consistent text frames in my pages.  I didn't realize that I didn't NEED them.  The footer appeared on subsequent pages as soon as I put SOMETHING in the frame.  A variable.  When it's empty, the space is seen as unoccupied.  Duhhhh.  Time to go to sleep!