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    How are CRM orders created for web form payments on webapp detail page


      I am trying to understand exactly what is happening on a web app and associated payment forms that were built for us by a 3rd party developer.


      Here is the situation. We have a webapp named Student. Items for this webapp are created by customers. No payment is required on item creation.


      When the customer wishes to enroll their student, they click a button/link that takes them to the detail page for the Student webapp. This page has a web form that includes credit card payment information.


      When the page is submitted, an autoresponder email is sent to the customer with their enrollment/order details (controlled by the webapp settings?) and their is an admin email that is sent according to the workflow settings of the web form (I think).


      So far so good.


      When I look in the CRM - Orders I see orders that are created in relation to this payment. The product that is listed as the single order item seems to have the same name as the web form used to submit the payment. I can click through to this product in the E-Commerce products listing.


      We have something similar for event bookings and there are a number of orders that also have similar product names to the events that were being paid for.


      It seems like these products all have the same (numeric) product code.


      My questions are:


      1. Is this product automatically created? Is that how the duplicate product codes have come about?
      2. Do I actually need (or should I) create specific products to associate with these orders?
      3. If I do create products for these web form payments, how do I tell the web form to use this product ID for the order that is created?


      Is there anything else that I should know or be doing differently for this to work correctly?


      Lastly, we are synchronising with Saasu via OneSaas. Saasu is our product master so it would be handy to be able to create the products in Saasu first if we really do need a product on this order. In that case I would like to be able to specify the product code or ID for the order.


      I'm not sure if I really need or want separate product codes for each event or webapp order that is placed. There is no inventory (obviously) and probably not much benefit in tracking these separately in the accounting system (other than to reconcile that a payment was received and it was associated with a certain "order").


      Thanks in advance for any help or advice you can give me.