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    Missing Files

    EYElene Newcomer

      This really isn't a Photoshop question but I don't know where else I can post it and I'm hoping someone can help me figure it out.

      After I retouched a bunch of photos I put them all in a folder on my desktop.

      Suddenly, when I open the folder half of them are missing.

      I knew I didn't delete them but they are important so I brought up the originals and retouched them all over again.

      When I went to save them it told me those files already exisit and do I want to replace them?

      When I say yes they once again appear in that folder.

      This never happened before. There are still a lot of files missing that I don't want to have to go through the same thing.

      Can anyone tell me what this freaky mystery is?

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          Sulaco Helper

          Are you on Windows, if so which version? If you are on Windows: the only thing I can think of is if the files have become hidden, but why that would happen just out of the blue like that I have no idea. But you could try and open the folder and then somewhere in that window there is supposed to be an option called "Folder options" or something like that. Another window should open and hopefully there is a tab called "View" and in there you can find and option called "Show hidden files...". It may look completely different depending on which version of Windows you are running....



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            EYElene Newcomer

            Thank you for your reply. I have Windows 7.

            I went to the window you showed and checked show hidden files. Actually it was already checked but I chose the other option to see if there was a change.

            Then I checked it back again. Still no missing files. I'm kind of freaking out because what if this keeps happening?

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              Trevor.Dennis Mythic

              What extension did you give the files, and what name?


              If you are not sure of the name but saved as PSD, for instance, and use the Windows 7 search facility (Which is excellent) and search for *.psd.  When the long list has finished loading, change the view to details and click on the Date modified column.  The missing files will be near the top.


              If you know the name, then search for that.


              When you find the files, right click and choose 'Open file location' so you can move to preferred location.

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                EYElene Newcomer

                They were all Jpegs. And they were downloaded off of my camera so it was all numbered with digits not names.

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                  Trevor.Dennis Mythic

                  How do you do the download from camera thing?  From Bridge or Lightroom, or with Explore dragging or copying to a new file folder?


                  You could put that card, or any other for that matter, back in the card reader, and see what location the computer wants to import them to.


                  Or you could do exactly the same as I mentioned with searching 'Computer' for *.PSD but search instead for *.JPG.  You get a long list, but you will be able to order by date, which will place your lost files near or at the top of the list.


                  I've noticed that some image import processes automatically place the files in a new folder with that days date.  If that is the case, then search for that, or the folder hierarchy that contains similar folder names.

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                    EYElene Newcomer

                    When I connected my camera to the computer the files came up and I copied them all and pasted them into a folder.

                    Then I deleted them off the camera so they are gone forever and can't use the card.

                    I literally have thousands and thousand of jpegs so I will do the search but I know it will take forever.

                    As I mentioned, in all the years I've worked on images this has never happened before. I don't know what to do to prevent it from happening again in the future.

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                      Trevor.Dennis Mythic

                      Still not got this sorted?


                      First thing, don't use the card, or if you have already reused it, stop using it now.


                      OK, put another card in the card reader, and see where it wants to save the images.  There will be options.  Read them.


                      There may also be options for a name prefix.  Give it one and make it unique.  Something like Abracadabra (so you can work some magic)


                      Then search for Abracadabra, and chose Open File location (We've been here before :-(  )


                      If you absolutely can't find them:


                      1. Check the recycle bin
                      2. get hold of a data card recovery app.  The one that used to come with Sandisk cards worked great, and will find any files not over written, or partially over written, even if the card has since be formatted.


                      But I suspect those files are on your hard drive.  Pay attention to dialog boxes, and read the options and file paths.  Everyone gets into trouble with this sort of thing at least once! 

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                        EYElene Newcomer

                        Thank you so much for all your advice!

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                          Trevor.Dennis Mythic

                          There is a free trial of the Sandisk Recovery program here




                          If that doesn't play nicely, and won't let you save the recovered files, I am sure there are heaps of download locations. 


                          I hesitate to give you the cnet link, because while I thought it a rock solid site, I have ended up with malware from a cnet download, and I try to be very careful with that sort of thing. 




                          Anyone got a dead cert Sandisk Recovery download location?

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                            Sulaco Helper

                            Cnet is pretty dodgy, yes. Here's a free file recovery tool that I am using, works fine. http://www.piriform.com/recuva


                            Still not sorted this... I find it a tad odd that PS says the files are still there, when trying to save a new file. Hmm...

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                              EYElene Newcomer

                              Thank you for the link. Actually it is not Photoshop. I retouched the files in PS then saved them as Jpegs to a folder on my desktop.

                              They stayed there for a while but a week or two later they were suddently missing. I didn't even go into that folder to do anything.

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                                Trevor.Dennis Mythic

                                Recycle bin?    Have you checked it yet?

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                                  Sulaco Helper

                                  I was thinking about this:

                                  EYElene wrote:


                                  I knew I didn't delete them but they are important so I brought up the originals and retouched them all over again.

                                  When I went to save them it told me those files already exisit and do I want to replace them?

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                                    ankitsajwan1210 Newcomer

                                    The same thing happend to me before when i copied some files from my camera to my desktop and after one day when i returned to mail those photographs to my friend i was not able to find photographs on desktop again. When i copied again from camera and tried to paste on the same folder it says do you want to replace?. Then i tried by checking the show hidden files option but the files are still not there. But when i open my email and tried to attach images from that folder the images are visible. The images can't be seen when opening folder directly but when i tried to attach them its there in the folder.

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                                      Sulaco Helper

                                      What happens if you open the folder from inside Photoshop... using File/Open? I am thinking maybe there's something wonky in the folder settings in Windwos 7. I am on Win 7 myself, but I don't use the file explorer very much, because I hate it with a fiery passion! I use a tool called Total Commander for all my file management needs and that keeps my frustration level at a minimum!

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                                        EYElene Newcomer

                                        I'm afraid they are gone forever. I just pray this never happens to me again.

                                        Thanks to everyone for all your help!