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    Why my system is taking 4 times or more to render and export? SOS

    joe prakash

      HAve the latest system installed in the church for video editing. However, for a 30 mins project it takes 4 times or sometimes more to render and export. We are helpless. The following is the system configuration:


      OS                    Windows 8.1 Pro 64 bit (6.3, Build 9600)

      Software           Adobe Pro CC



      Processor          AMD FX(tm) - 8320 Eight Core Processor, 3.50 GHz

      RAM                    16 GB

      System type          64-bit Operating system, x64-based processor

      Graphics Card          AMD RAdeon HD 6670

      MotherBoard     ASUS

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          What kind of footage are you working with? Are you applying color correction and/or other effects?

          what is your HD setup?

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            Bill Gehrke Most Valuable Participant

            I do not like saying this but it is your AMD processor and AMD GPU.  Neither are as good performance-wise as Intel processors and nVidia GPU's

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              RjL190365 Level 5



              As Bill stated, it's both the AMD CPU and AMD GPU. You see, AMD CPUs of the Vishera generation have poorly implemented SSE 4.x support while Adobe makes heavy use of SSE 4.x. In addition, the HD 6670 is a weakling GPU given the immaturity of OpenCL GPU acceleration in Premiere Pro CC: It's barely faster than software-only MPE at present, and one would have to spend more than $500 just for an AMD GPU that performs equally as fast in Premiere Pro as an NVIDIA GPU in CUDA mode that costs only $200.

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                Chase Chick Level 1

                You might do well to get a couple HDD's as well to distribute the various file types.

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                  JFPhoton Level 3

                  ...you may want to try a "free workaround" to see if you may get better performance from your current equipment. First, make sure you are starting with at LEAST 2 SEPARATE 7200rpm hard drives in your system. "C" drive should be for operating system, all programs, and windows "pagefile" ONLY !  All video footage, previews, cache files,and PPro  project files would go on your SECOND hard drive..."D".  HOWEVER, it would be MUCH BETTER to have a THIRD 7200 rpm hard drive to to place the previews, cache files, and export files on.


                  With THAT out of the way.......consider your source video......what CODEC is is being used ??  Of course, most cameras are generating HIGHLY COMPRESSED AVCHD files that are VERY difficult to edit "natively". Although today's Premiere Pro is very capable of editing "natively", it generally requires a beefy Windows i7 machine equipped with an NVidia CUDA card.


                  In YOUR case....you may want to try using the "old method" of editing , using an "edit friendly" codec that is EASIER on the CPU while editing and "encoding" during  export !!!     LUCKY FOR YOU, this past summer , the GoPro Video company released, FOR FREE, to the public, the well respected "Cineform" codec ! This professional editing codec used to to be EXPENSIVE and used mainly by professionals. NOW, you can down load it for FREE.......run your footage into the Go Pro viewer...."select" which parts of a clip you want to "transcode" for editing,( you DON"T have to transcode the WHOLE THING !)


                  I have tested this codec and it IS "visually lossless", and produces better performance than the free 32 bit DNxHD...( which are .mov files and trigger the "bad" 32 bit Quick time process ). On a LAPTOP.....( using 3 SSDs,though )....I am able to do multiple layers of 1080p AND REALTIME EFFECTS without "rendering" previews using this CINEFORM codec with Adobe Premiere Pro.


                  It is worth a try. If things are STILL too sluggish,you want to invest in  an i7 machine, with an NVidia 6xx,or, 7xx series video card, ( with at least 2GB video card DDR5 memory). GOOD LUCK !!!

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                    I'm having the same problems.


                    I believe I have the answer.


                    Everything was fine until I upgraded to CC.


                    I built a box to specifically run Adobe products except the video card.

                    I have an i7 chip,16 R, 2T, Windows 8.1, 64 bit and AMD Radeon HD 6670 (unapproved video card)

                    I run a clean box. No 3rd party anything. No add-on apps.

                    No hardware changes.


                    Heres My Current Project: 45 JPG images - one audio track MP3


                    A 3 minute clip of still images takes 30 minutes to render.

                    And then nearly 30 minutes to export as an MP4.


                    It use to run blazingly fast.


                    I built this new box with an i7 to speed up the processing time as my previous system hardware had become outdated.


                    Once I built the new system and installed CS6 the Premiere CS6 rendering time was less than 3 minutes for a 3 minute clip.


                    Nice. Happy Face.


                    Since I upgraded from CS6 to the CC version my Premiere CC performance disappeared.


                    How can this be? I've used Premiere for years.


                    I explained to support how blazing fast my system ran until recently. One of the tech support persons told me it was a fluke that my system ran so fast. He came to the conclusion that based on with my hardware CC should not have run that fast. And now my slow rendering time is back to where it should be based on my hardware, slow. I was trying to contain my enthusiam knowing I was back to...slow! You know, I'm really patient but after 3 hours on the phone I was transferred to the Photoshop Department. Why? Because the images in my project were most likely corrupted. The very images that were originally imported into PS CC from my iPhone which as one my know... iPhone images on a PC are upside down. I did a 180 on 45 images and re-saved them with new file names as JPG's.

                    It was determined that I had to do a batch renaming of all the jpg images and re-attach them in Premiere CC.


                    So we parted ways and I hung up the phone.


                    This is now my problem. Ok. Fine. It's now determined that I have an unsupported AMD video card. Ok. Fine.


                    After an hour on Google searching for a new (low end) $500.00 video card the solution came to me!


                    I'm thinking, we've both this all backwards.


                    Here's my serious suggestion:


                    I think you (Adobe) should offer a "Box of Clouds" based on all of your hardware specifications.


                    (Cue chorus of the song, "Come Together" by The Beatles... )


                    Sell and/or Lease to me the entire product - the supported hardware with pre-installed software! (No 3rd Parth Vendors)


                    I'll never have to hear or worry about my CPU, GPU, CUDA, MPE, 6670, SSE, TD, HD, AMD, ATI or INVIDIA ever again.


                    This will make my GIGA Hurts feel better and all of us can get back to work!


                    Problems solved!


                    Please send me an Adobe Box with Clouds and I'll be on Cloud 9!


                    I Think It Is Genius!


                    Ok...back to work...

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                      JFPhoton Level 3

                      First....you need a minimum of two separate 7200rpm hard drives.....no 5400 rpm drives....they are too slow. OS,programs and page file on first drive,( C), ONLY!!

                      Medi...a files,cache files,and previews on second drive,(D). Next, when using still images with PPro ,realize that most photos are WAY larger ,in their original form, than the pixel size of the video frame !! Example.....one frame of 1080p is approx. 2 megapixels .....NOT the 18 or so megapixels in every still from the camera. SO...it is best to make COPIES of the original pictures to use for importing that are SMALLER and easier for PPro to process....in a comfortable format....like jpg. DO NOT try to just import the original photos......you will CHOKE your computer....for no good reason. Unless severely zooming in on the photos......the copies can be of a LOWER resolution to make it EASIER for the CPU,GPU, and drives.Consider upgrading your video card to an NVidia GeForce to get the benefit of the "Mercury Playback Engine"....that has SCALING as one of its GPU accelerated features !! You don't have to go CRAZY spending a lot of money on this....go to "Tweakers Page" to view a chart that recommends which level card to get. ANY NVidia GeForce card with 2GB,or more, of DDR5....not DDR3... should give you a great improvement. "Scaling" is one of the accelerated effects that be TEN TIMES FASTER with the Mercury Engine working !

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                        Bill Gehrke Most Valuable Participant

                        Second (I agree with with JFPhoton's first suggestions) have you turned off indexing on your drives? 


                        Another thought!


                        I just checked with my son on his Canon DSLR camera and he said that one JPEG picture is typically about 8 MegaBytes in size.  So the peak read rate if this timeline is set up at 30 frames per second would be 240 MB/second peak, no way a single disk drive can provide data that fast, you need at least a good SSD or RAIDed hard drives.

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                          FineArtPhotographer Level 1

                          Thanks JF P and Bill for your replies...


                          Whether i shoot with my Canon 7D in RAW / JPG or with my iPhone my work process is the same for P CC or P CS6.


                          All images are all scaled down using PIXresizer (a great little program) I can scale an entire folder to any size I usually chooe 600 x 400 pixels (small file sizes)


                          These jpg images are in the range of 81.2 KB each.


                          Once scaled down in szie, I import the iPhone images as they are upside down once imported into my PC.


                          Once into PS I do a 180 on each of the images so they are right-side up.


                          45 images = 4.20 mg


                          The files are imported into my P CC and then I drag them onto the Timeline.


                          Again, why not just have a box sent to us that has all the current software configured the required hardward specs?


                          I think it's a better idea than the time spent chasing ghosts and phantom problems.


                          I built boxes most of my life. But every day I wake and I'm dumb all over again.


                          My time is better spent working thinking about what may, and my not work.


                          Everything is ok.


                          Thanks again!