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    Positon of See Also Popup Menu


      Using RoboHelp

      Windows 7 Professional, 64-bit

      Chrome browser 32.0.1700.76

      Generating WebHelp


      Can someone help, PLEASE?


      I have searched the forum posts for hours with no success. However, I did find some fixes to other problems related to opening WebHelp using Chrome.


      I have a WebHelp project containing See Also links.


      The links use the (Choose topic from) Popup menu option for displaying the list of topics.

      The links don’t work correctly in Chrome. The popup menu is opened near the center or topic of the topic. The location of the popup prevents the reader from seeing the available links. In other words, See Also links are not usable in Chrome.


      The links work as expected in Firefox and Internet Explorer.


      I have tried the fix noted in http://forums.adobe.com/message/2207677#2207677,  i.e., I used the modified ehlpdhtm.js. The modified file controls the location of the popup menu option and fixes some other issues related to earlier versions of Internet Explorer.


      The modified file has no effect on the links when viewed in Chrome. I don’t have the luxury of upgrading to RH10, so I hope there is a fix that will work with RH9.


      Can someone point me to a forum post that I have missed that has an answer?


      Although I am certain the problem is caused by Chrome, I am very hopeful that there is an answer and I would very much appreciate any help.

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          Willam van Weelden Level 5

          The easy fix for RH9 is to convert all see also links to regular links.

          Debugging see also in Chrome will probably be a pain and I don't think

          many people will be able to do this. (Unfortunately, I don't have the

          time to go hunting anytime soon.)


          If you want to convert see also to hyperlinks, check out my free script:



          Kind regards,



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            CalWilson Level 1



            Thanks for taking the time to help! I see your posts often in the forums, and I am thankful that you take the time to assist with questions.


            I tested your suggestion and used your script to convert the see also groups (controls) to hyperlinks. Although, using hyperlinks is not the desired approach; I was hopeful the suggested approach might be usable. I much prefer See Also controls and groups because updating and maintaining the included topics has proven to be easy in the past.


            I ran into a few problems.


            The hyperlinks were added with formatting that needed to be changed (as expected – no problem I thought). I searched for a way to change the formatting. Editing a CSS within some form of text editor is not my cup of tea as I don’t have a knowledge of the tags, syntax, etc. I need more an WYSIWYG approach. Also, I couldn’t find the style or class to be edited.


            To edit the CSS, I did the following:


            In Project Manger, Style Sheets, right-click default.css (the style sheet for the project).


            Click Edit.


            In the Styles dialog box, I expanded all the styles listed.


            I did not find the see_also class or style that you mentioned in your ReadMe.pdf provided with the script. Therefore, I couldn’t find an easy way to modify the CSS. It appears that changing the formatting of the converted hyperlinks is daunting.


            The next and more bothersome problem relates to maintenance of the topics used in the list of converted hyperlinks.


            The See Also groups were maintained, but it appears that adding a new topic to the list of converted hyperlinks is a labor-intensive process. It could be that I missed something.


            As an example:


            I have a see also group (OpenFiles) that has three topics in it (Topic 1, Topic 2, Topic 3).


            The See Also control was associated with each of the three topics.


            The control was converted to a list of three hyperlinks in each topic as expected. Also, as expected, the topic being viewed was omitted from the list of hyperlinks, another desirable feature of the see also control.


            I need to add Topic 4 to OpenFiles.


            I want Topic 4 to appear in all locations where the OpenFiles see also control is used (was used originally), that is, in all three of the topics with the now converted hyperlinks. As you know, this is possible by using a true see also control. That is, a topic is easily added to all locations by simply adding it to a group.


            After adding Topic 4 to the group, the hyperlinks were not updated.


            I ran the script again hoping that the hyperlinks would be updated in all locations where the see also group was being used. The hyperlinks were not updated.


            It appears that I would have to work my way through all topics where the list of hyperlinks for OpenFiles appears and add the new topic to each list manually.


            Is there a way to add a new topic to OpenFiles and have it appear in all locations where the see also group is used, that is, have it appear in all locations where the converted hyperlinks are?


            If the updating of the list can be simplified, then I will need to understand how to edit the format of the hyperlinks. If the updating can be simplified, can you help me by providing some more details about locating and modifying the see_also style/class associated with the hyperlinks?


            Again, thank you for your assistance.

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              Willam van Weelden Level 5



              You need to add that class yourself. The easiest way to do this is

              simply to create a list style called see_also. Alternatively, paste the

              following code in the CSS and then use the editor to change the styling:


              li.see_also {}


              As for labour intensive: It is. I see no easy way to make this workable.

              Since the script removes the see also button, there is no see also

              control available to later add a list. This conversion script is just

              that: it converts. No way back.


              The best way I can think of is to keep using see also controls. Then,

              before generation, make a copy of the project. Run the convertor on the

              copy of the project. Then publish the updated copy.


              Kind regards,



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                CalWilson Level 1



                Thanks for the follow-up.


                I should be able to handle the style.


                Making a copy of the project and reusing the script may be an acceptable workaround. I'll give it a try.


                Thanks again.

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                  Ankit Rajpoot Adobe Employee



                  I am not sure if you are still looking for a solution to the original problem; in case you are, try this:


                  Open up ehlpdhtm.js present in your webhelp output in a text editor and search for the following:


                  function _PopupMenu_Invoke_2()


                  This should occur in the document exactly once. Once you find this function, look for the following line inside it:


                  else if (gbBsNS6 || gbBsKonqueror3||gbBsSafari)


                  Just a few lines below this else if structure, there should be an if else structure that looks like this:


                  if (gbBsNS6)


                                                var e = fn_arguments[0];

                                                nEventX = e.pageX;

                                                nEventY = e.pageY;




                                                nEventX = window.event.clientX;

                                                nEventY = window.event.clientY;



                  Change the lines inside the else part to:


                  nEventX = window.event.pageX;

                  nEventY = window.event.pageY;


                  Save the file and try viewing the output in chrome again. If there's no change, try clearing out the browser's cache.

                  This should fix up the misplaced popup menu issue. Needless to say, make a backup of ehlpdhtm.js before you make any changes.


                  I have tested this on IE11, Chrome 32, Firefox 25.

                  This is not an official fix though. Just wanted to help you out.



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                    CalWilson Level 1

                    @Ankit Rajpoot,


                    Thanks for your reply.


                    I am still looking for a solution.


                    I have been out of the office. I will try your solution soon and let you know how it goes.

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                      CalWilson Level 1

                      @Ankit Rajpoot


                      Thank you many times!!!!


                      I tested your suggestion, and it appears that my problem is solved.


                      In hopes of helping others, I have posted my steps below.


                      The steps are related to my environment, so file names, locations, etc., may differ for other environments.


                      I changed the file in a RoboHelp system folder as opposed to the output folder.By doing this, I think the change only has to be made once.


                      If the file in the output folder is changed, the file will have to be changed each time the project is compiled.


                      My steps are not a proven fix outside my environment. Therefore, if you elect to follow the approach, you should test the results carefully.


                      Opened C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Adobe RoboHelp 9\RoboHTML.

                      Made a copy of ehlpdhtm.js named ehlpdhtmBACKUP.js.

                      In ehlpdhtm.js, found the Popup Menu Code Section.

                      Found the line if (gbBsNS6) and the else section.

                      Changed the following lines:




                      nEventX = window.event.clientX;

                      nEventY = window.event.clientY;




                      nEventX = window.event.pageX;

                      nEventY = window.event.pageY;


                      Again, many thanks to Ankit.

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                        Ankit Rajpoot Adobe Employee

                        You're most welcome @CalWilson.


                        Good to know that your problem is solved.