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    How can I add a signature and insert pages?


      The security settings only let me either add a signature OR insert, rotate or delete pages. I need an option to do both. Is there a way to make my own custom security settings?


      Basically, what I need is a document that is not editable when you open it in illustrator or other editing programs. Setting the security to allow only adding and rotating pages is perfect except for the not being able to sign it thing...


      We work like this: We print a file, add one of the customized "approved" stamps in the annotations pallet, add some other pages to it and send it to the sales rep. They may need to extract or delete pages but have no need to edit them. However, compeitors occasionally will get the file and want to import it into their own system. Which is why we want the security, so they cant.


      If theres another way to add some sort of stamp or signature to the file, that would be fine. Its just an iso thing.


      Im using windows 7 and adobe acrobat XI pro.

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          George_Johnson MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Since the reps are extractin and deleting pages, they have access to Acrobat, correct? If so, once they've finalized the docucument, they can apply whatever security is needed.

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            IsakTen Level 4

            I am not sure I understand what you mean by "security". Do you apply a "Permissions" password to PDF? If so, then remember that Adobe products and some other PDF Viewers obey restrictions that you set for a PDF, but many 3-rd party PDF Viewers do not. So, even if you set the restrictions, it is still possible to not obey them. There are even Web services where you can upload a PDF with restricted permissions and it will return an unrestricted PDF. This whole restrictions thing was put in PDF when Adobe was the only game in town but that was 10 years ago..

            You can use certifying signature to reliably restrict what can be done to PDF, but Acrobat UI provides limited restriction choices. Other Adobe products, like LifeCycle provide more restrictions choices but this is probably a too expensive solution for you.